About ACC Inc.

The Asian Carriers Conference Incorporated is a non-stock non-profit membership organization for telecoms and IT professionals and practitioners, registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in 2014. With a focus on the Asia Pacific region, the Association accepts memberships from carriers and individuals from all over the world.

How to become a member

Membership to the Association is limited to qualified firms, enterprises and/or other legal entities involved in the information, communications and technology industries involved and/or doing business in the Asian region.

Individuals can also be accepted as members and he should either be a professional or academic who has interests in the information and communications technology industry in the Asian region.

Classification of members

1.     Founding Members – also known as incorporating members, are companies and/or entities who are members of the Association from its incorporation.
2.    Regular Members – companies and/or entities who are accepted into the Association on an annual basis.
3.    Individual Members – are persons either professionals or academics who are accepted into the Association on an annual basis.

Membership benefits, duties and responsibilities

Members of the Association have the right to attend all meetings of the Association.  Members also have one vote for each matter submitted to a vote of the members at the annual membership meeting or any other special members’ meeting of the Association.

Members also have the following duties and obligations and benefits.
1. To promote the objectives of the association as well as its interests.
2. To pay membership dues, assessments and other financial obligations.
3. To comply with the Articles and By-Laws of the association and all rules, regulations, resolutions, rulings and directives of the Association; and
4. To attend all meetings of the association.

For ACCI membership applications and inquiries, please email info@asiancarriersconference.com