REGISTRATION FOR ACC 2017 ONGOING – asiancarriersconference


Don’t miss the chance to be part of the region’s most attended telco conference. Registration is still ongoing!

This year carries the business theme, “Reinventing Customer Experience in the Digital Age,” to address the need to strike the delicate balance between the rapid and continuous advancement of technology with the market demand for real human experiences.

This year’s Keynote Speaker at the ACC Plenary Session is a Silicon Valley legend leader whose ideas have been continually revolutionizing the tech industry for over three decades. With this speaker at the helm, ACC 2017 will open the discussion on how human experiences will be designed and defined in the context of technology, utilizing current and future tools to create new or enhance existing customer experiences, which in turn will result to attracting new customers and retaining old ones.

Be it in the context of delivering over-the-top content, providing exceptional customer service, or simply increasing the capacity for connectivity across various platforms and interfaces, the tall order is to make every customer touch point a strong and positive experience for the end user through readily-accessible technology.

Cebu was once again chosen to host the conference, offering delegates and their respective companies opportunities to network and collaborate in a relaxed, tropical environment.

As with previous years, delegates may book Meeting Rooms where they may engage with new and old partners to further their respective business agendas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other key players in the global telco industry. Register for ACC 2017 at